Penguin (SFPP)

Penguin (SFPP)

The penguin is a flightless sea bird of the Southern Hemisphere, short and squat, with wings strongly resembling flippers.  Breeds of penguin were known in period, described by Sir Francis Drake in 1578 [OED s.v. penguin], but none appear in period armory.  The use of a penguin in Society armory is considered a step from period practice.

The penguin is statant and close by Society default, as in the illustration.  The “proper” penguin is defined to be sable, bellied and marked argent, in roughly equal proportions; it should be colored as a breed of penguin known to period Europeans (such as the Magellanic penguin, illustrated).

Meghan Pengwyn of Wynterwood bears:  Gules, an Emperor penguin close to sinister proper.

Josselyn ferch Rhys bears:  Argent, four Emperor penguins statant affronty, one, two and one proper, all within a bordure azure.

Isabella Gase atte Cloude bears:  Or, in fess three penguins statant affronty, heads facing to dexter, sable bellied argent.

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