Pelt; Hide

Hide (Accepted)

Hide (Accepted)

A pelt is the skin of an animal, removed from its body and laid flat by default.  In period armory, the usual pelt seems to be of a squirrel or other small animal, as found in the Zurich Roll, c.1340 [406].  In Society armory, the most common pelt is blazoned a “hide”, and is considered a cowhide (as illustrated).  Other beasts’ hides are blazoned explicitly.  In each case, the part of the hide that attached to the beast’s head is to chief by default.  For related charges, see fleece.

Vuong Manh bears:  Gules, on a hide Or a roundel enflamed and depicted as a t’ai ch’i vert.

John FitzWilliam bears:  Sable, a hide argent.

Sveinn Raudskeggr bears:  Gules, on a bear’s hide argent a bear’s pawprint purpure.

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