Pegasus segreant (Period)

Pegasus segreant (Period)

The pegasus is a winged monster, a horse with an eagle’s wings grafted to its shoulders.  Its association with the Muses of Greek myth makes it a popular charge with poets.  As an heraldic charge, it dates from at least 1544, in the arms of Cavalere or Cavalier [Dennys 157].

The pegasus does not seem to have a default posture, so the posture must be blazoned.  By Society rulings, a rampant pegasus (as shown in the illustration) may also be blazoned “segreant”, like the dragon, griffin, and other four-legged monsters with wings.  For related charges, see horse.

Frideger Leopo Sturmreiter bears:  Argent, two pegasi combattant azure.

Wentliana Bengrek bears:  Purpure, three pegasi rampant to sinister argent.

Aislynn Haldana Cadell bears:  Or, a pegasus segreant vert.

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