Orb (Period)

Orb (Period)

An orb is a ball, banded and with a cross atop it; also called a “mound”, it is a symbol of the world (and thus, when used as regalia, of temporal sovereignty).  As an heraldic charge, it’s found in the arms of Friellas c.1540 [Nobreza xxxiiº].

In Society heraldry, the term “orb” was once used to refer to a featureless ball, synonymous with a roundel.  This usage is no longer followed; orbs and roundels are considered distinct charges, with difference granted.  For related charges, see sphere.

Fionn mac Con Dhuibh bears:  Azure, three orbs argent.

Randolph Wedderlie bears:  Or, an orb gules.

Margrett Schwarzenberger bears:  Per chevron argent and sable, three orbs counterchanged.

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