Dove reguardant atop a nest (Period)

Dove reguardant atop a nest (Period)

A nest is a roost for birds, consisting of a shallow bowl woven of wooden twigs; its “proper” tincture is therefore brown.  It’s never found in period heraldry except when a bird is sitting in it, as in the crest of Nobrega, c.1540 [Nobreza xxº].  The illustration shows a dove reguardant sitting in a nest.  See also birdcage.

The Order of the Cygnets Nest, of Meridies, bears:  A swan sitting in a nest proper within and issuant from an annulet argent.

Danamas of Starlinghurst bears:  Azure, atop a demi-wall issuant from dexter base, a starling contourny argent perched in a nest Or.

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