Two millrinds (both Period)

Two millrinds (both Period)

A millrind is an heraldic representation of the iron struts that hold a millstone together.  It is also called a “fer-de-moline” or “inkmoline”.  The millrind is a common charge in mundane heraldry, dating from the mid-13th Century in the arms of Bek [Wagner 47].  In this earliest form, it was identical to the charge now called the cross moline.  By the end of period, the millrind had several variant forms, distinct from crosses.  The illustration shows two of the more common forms.  See also anille.

The Order of the Millrind, of Æthelmearc, bears:  A millrind argent.

Katherine of Bristol bears:  Per pale sable and Or, three millrinds counterchanged.

Aloric Everard bears:  Per pale argent and sable, semy of millrinds counterchanged.

Kersteken Arends bears:  Purpure, in pale three millrinds argent.

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