Masoning (Period)

Masoning (Period)

Masoning is a field treatment whose lines resemble the mortaring in a brick wall, as seen in the arms of von Wirsberg, 1605 [Siebmacher 104].  In Society armory, its most significant use is upon a field (as in the illustration), but it may also be applied to charges.  Stone edifices (e.g., castles) are often blazoned “masoned”, but in such cases the treatment is considered artistic license: a stonework charge may be drawn masoned whether the blazon says so or no.

The Calontir War College bears:  Purpure masoned Or.

The Shire of Perilous Journey bears:  Argent masoned gules, a laurel wreath vert within a bordure gules.

Cuilén Ó Cinnéide bears:  Per bend sinister indented argent and gules masoned argent.

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