Mandrake (Period)

Mandrake (Period)

The mandrake is a plant whose root resembles a human figure; it is normally depicted with vague human features.  It may also be called “mandragora”.  The mandrake’s narcotic properties made it a favorite with mystics and herbalists.

In armory, the mandrake is rarely found in period armory:  e.g., the arms of Bodyam or Bodyham, c.1540 [Dennys 129; cf. also BSB Cod.Icon 291:43].  The mandrake is affronty by default; Society practice grants it difference from a human figure.

Cairistiona nic Bheathain bears:  Vert, a mandrake Or.

Martin Andreas of Windsor bears:  Azure, a mandrake argent between three goblets Or.

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