Hawk's lure (Period)

Hawk’s lure (Period)

A lure is a pair of bird’s wings tied together at the end of a cord; it’s swung on the cord, mimicking a flying bird, to recall a falcon in flight.  It is more fully called a “hawk’s lure” for that reason.  It’s a period charge, found in the allusive arms of Fauconer, 1385 [DBA2 386].  The lure’s cord is to chief by default.

A lure is not the same charge as a “vol”, “wings conjoined” or “wings conjoined in lure”, though they are similar.

The Royal University of Scirhavoc bears:  Or, on a pale purpure three hawk’s lures Or.

Katerine del Val bears:  Vert, in bend three hawk’s lures argent.

William Wildblood bears:  Vert, a hawk’s lure argent, a bordure Or.

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