Lotus blossom affronty (Accepted); lotus blossom in profile (Accepted)

Lotus blossom affronty (Accepted); lotus blossom in profile (Accepted)

The lotus is a cup-shaped flower, said to induce a dreamy languor and forgetfulness.  The flower may be found in heraldry either affronty (top image) or in profile (bottom image), with neither being default; the exact orientation must thus be specified.  No examples have been found in period armory; in modern armory, the lotus affronty is the badge of India [Guide 204].

Osman al-Koriesh ibn Kairos bears:  Per pale sable and argent, a lotus blossom affronty within a bordure counterchanged.

Aletheia Isidora of Philae bears:  Argent, a lotus affronty and a chief wavy azure.

Katja Dara bears:  Per chevron vert and sable, a lotus flower in profile argent.

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