Lion-dragon (Period)

Lion-dragon (Period)

The lion-dragon is a chimerical monster with the forequarters of a lion and the body and tail of a wyvern.  It is a period charge, found as the crest of Blunte in 1572 [Guide 142; Dennys CoA].  The lion-dragon is sejant by default, as in the illustration.

There is also in the Society an instance of the “ounce-dragon”, which differs from the lion-dragon only in being maneless.  For related charges, see dragon, lion.

Settimio d’Olivio bears:  Argent, a lion-dragon and a bordure gules.

Thurstan de Barri bears:  Quarterly vert and argent, a winged lion-dragon sejant to sinister Or.

Sula von Pferdenthal bears as a badge:  Gules, an ounce-dragon passant ermine.

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