Jew's-harp (Period)

Jew’s-harp (Period)

A jew’s-harp is a musical instrument consisting of a simple frame with a vibrating central prong; it’s held against the teeth to play, using the mouth as a resonating cavity.  It was also known as a “jew’s-trump” in period, and a “mouth harp” in modern times.  The jew’s-harp is a period charge, found in the arms of Brenntl, 1548 [Vigil Raber’s Armorial of the Arlberg Brotherhood of St. Christopher, fo.120]; the instrument itself is illustrated in Virdung’s Musica Getutscht, 1511 [Montagu 91].  The jew’s-harp has its prong to chief by Society default.

Barak Raz bears:  Per pale sable and azure, a jew’s-harp Or.

Torleif Sverkerssen Hvide bears:  Gules, three jew’s-harps inverted Or.

Zoe Doukaina bears as a badge:  Argent, a jew’s-harp purpure.

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