Hose (Period)

Hose (Period)

A hose (plural “hosen”) is a close-fitting piece of clothing, covering the leg from the thigh to the sole.  It’s a period charge, both when worn on a leg or in its own right; an example of the latter is found in the canting arms of Hose or Hoese, c.1275 [ANA2 550].

Society armory also has examples of the “sock”, intended to cover only the foot no highter than mid-calf.  Though a period article of clothing, we have no examples of socks in period armory.  Hosen and socks have their openings to chief by default.  See also shoe.

Michael Oldcastle of Ravenspur bears as a badge:  Argent, a pair of hosen inverted and addorsed palewise vert.

Alane O’Maoilriain bears as a badge:  Per chevron vert and argent, two lyres argent and a pair of hosen gules.

Johanna Katrin Jensdatter bears:  Argent, in fess two socks, on a chief azure three sheep passant argent.

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