Flail (Period)

Flail (Period)

A flail is a weight, swung from a long handle by a joint or chain.  Originally used to thresh grain, it had certainly been adapted as a weapon by the 13th Century [Stone 230].  The flail is found as a period charge, in the canting arms (German Flegel) of Pflegelberg, c.1340 [Zurich 217], and again in the arms of Ungeraten, 1605 [Siebmacher 70].

Period depictions of the flail (as in the illustration) showed the weights to be clublike; the Society’s one example uses a spherical weight attached by a chain.  For related charges, see mace (morningstar).

Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov bears:  Gules, a saltire vairy Or and sable between three badger’s heads cabossed argent marked sable, one and two, and in base two flails in saltire surmounted by a sword Or.

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