Fishhook (Period)

Fishhook (Period)

A fishhook is a metal wire, barbed and bent into a U, cast at the end of a line to catch fish.  It is a period charge:  an early version is found in the arms of von Born, c.1370 [Gelre 41v], and later in the arms of von Angelloch, 1605 [Siebmacher 125] and Medvile, 1610 [Guillim1 220].

The fishhook is palewise, couped end to chief and barb to dexter, by default.  Some Society examples terminate in a ring, but the fact is considered an unblazoned artistic detail.  See also hook.

Uilliam Ó Seaghdha bears:  Sable, a fishhook Or.

Ragnarr fra Dyflinnarskiri bears:  Per chevron sable and Or, three fishhooks counterchanged.

Drosten Sutherland bears:  Gules, a fishhook reversed Or within a bordure per pale sable and argent.

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