Firebird, Russian

Russian firebird volant bendwise (SFPP)

Russian firebird volant bendwise (Disallowed)

The Russian firebird is a fabulous bird from Russian folklore, whose feathers shine with light even when plucked.  It has strong parallels with the simurgh of Persian legend; indeed, given the similarities between the 19th Century Russian story of the prince Ivan and the firebird, and the 13th Century Persian story of the prince Isfandiyar and the simurgh, it would seem that the Russian firebird was a direct borrowing.  Certainly we have no evidence of the firebird (even in legend) before the 18th Century.  For this reason, the Russian firebird is no longer permitted to be registered; those already registered are considered a step from period practice.

All the Society’s examples of firebirds have the wings spread:  volant, displayed, &c.  The illustration shows a Russian firebird volant bendwise.  For related charges, see peacock, phoenix.

Tatiana Ivanovna bears:  Azure, a Russian firebird displayed Or, crested and its six tail feathers each charged with a heart gules.

Krzysia Wanda Kazimira bears:  Or, a Russian firebird volant gules, a bordure sable.

Giulietta da Venezia bears:  Per saltire purpure and sable, a Russian firebird volant bendwise argent.

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