Fasces (Period)

Fasces (Period)

A fasces is an axe bound in a bundle of sticks (called a fascine in Latin).  The fasces was the symbol of civil justice, dating from Roman times; it’s found in the arms of Cardinal Mazarin, 1601 [Parker 250].  Its association with 20th Century Fascists does not bar the fasces from Society use, though care should be taken.  Its default orientation is palewise, as with the axe.

Charles of the Jacs bears:  Sable, a broken fasces Or.

Gaius Cornelius Ursus bears:  Quarterly vert and argent, two fasces vert.

Eóin mac Raghnaill bears:  Or, on a bend sinister sable between two falcons striking to sinister and to dexter gules, an arrow inverted bound in a fascine Or.

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