Eel (Period)

Eel (Period)

The eel is a fish with a long, serpentine body, distinguished from the serpent by its tail and fins (though, sadly, these are frequently omitted in period art).  It’s usually found in heraldry for the sake of a cant, as in the arms of di Pescera, mid-15th C. [Triv 288], the civic arms of Ahlen, 1605 [Siebmacher 220], or the arms of Ellis, 1610 [Guillim1 168].  Eels may also be called “congers” for canting purposes; small eels are also called “grigs”.

Eels are naiant by default, their bodies wavy.  See also sea-serpent.

Gregoire le Gris bears:  Or, an eel erect embowed counterembowed, a chief embattled azure.

Osweald Hæfring bears:  Gules, in pale two eels naiant Or.

Magdalen Mwrray bears:  Azure, two eels haurient respectant Or and in chief a roundel argent.

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