Dove (Period)

Dove (Period)

The dove is a bird related to the pigeon, with a soft cooing cry.  It is often used as a symbol of peace, and thus is sometimes shown with an olive slip in its mouth, as in the arms of the Worshipful Company of Tallow Chandlers, 1456 [Bromley & Child 237].  In heraldic art, the dove is distinguished by a small curled tuft on top of its head.  The dove’s “proper” coloration is white, with pink (some sources say gules) beak and legs; its default posture is close.

“Descending” is a special term applied to doves, equivalent to “migrant to base”.  A “paraclete” is a dove portrayed as the Holy Spirit:  descending and with a halo.

Francesca of Bright Angel bears:  Azure, a dove displayed, head elevated argent.

Serena Fabrizio bears:  Sable, three doves volant contourny argent.

James de St. Germain bears:  Purpure, upon a chevron argent beneath a paraclete descending proper three crosses of Lorraine sable.

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