Dolmen (Accepted)

Dolmen (Accepted)

A dolmen is an edifice erected by the ancient Britons and Celts, consisting of a large flat stone laid across upright stones (called “menhirs”).  Modern scholars still debate as to the purpose of dolmens:  suggestions include tombs, monuments, altars, or observatories (probably a combination of these).  We have no examples of the dolmen in period heraldry, but as a period artifact, it’s acceptable in Society armory.

The Society’s default dolmen is a trilithon:  two uprights and one crosspiece.  It is occasionally so blazoned, and certainly any other number of uprights or crosspieces must be explicitly blazoned.  Society armory also has examples of menhirs standing alone.

For related charges, see arch, torii.  See also rock.

Cadwalladyr Stone of Stonecroft bears as a badge:  Vert, a dolmen of three uprights capped by two lintels argent.

Gwyneth merch Macsen bears:  Sable, a dolmen and in chief a mullet of eight points argent.

Juelda of Salisbury bears:  Azure, a dolmen Or and a ford proper.

Colgrym of Avebury bears:  Vert, in fess a dragon Or between two menhirs argent.

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