Crucifix (Period)

Crucifix (Period)

A crucifix is a religious icon, consisting of a cross surmounted by the figure of Jesus.  Period rolls and texts [RH; de Bara 199; Nobreza xliº] ascribe a crucifix to the attributed arms of Prester John, “Emperor of India”.

As of this writing, the only example of a crucifix in Society armory is a specific artifact: the crucifix of San Damiano, dated to the 11th Century, and considered special to the Franciscan Order.  In general, the type of crucifix should not be specified.  See also paternoster.

Francesco Gaetano Greco d’Edessa bears as a badge:  Per fess enarched gules and vert, a San Damiano crucifix argent charged with a figure of Christ sable.

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