Cross: Russian Orthodox

Russian Orthodox cross (Accepted)

Russian Orthodox cross (Accepted)

The “Russian Orthodox cross” is also called a “Greek Orthodox” or “Eastern Orthodox” cross.  The lower crossbar is tilted, based on a legend that one of Christ’s legs was longer than the other.  The Society default for the lower crossbar has varied over the years, being at times bendwise, at times bendwise sinister; currently it is considered an unblazoned artistic detail.  The Russian Orthodox cross is described in modern heraldry texts [Neubecker 107], but no period heraldic examples have been found.

Vladimir Krasnoboroda bears:  Per fess gules and Or crusilly Russian Orthodox counterchanged.

Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva bears:  Per bend gules and argent, two Russian Orthodox crosses in bend argent and another sable.

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