Cross: Potent

Cross potent (Period)

Cross potent (Period)

The “cross potent” is so called because each of its ends resembles a crude crutch (called a “potent”).  (It should not be confused with a “cross potenty”, which is an ordinary with a complex line of partition.)  The cross potent is also sometimes called a “cross billety” in early blazons.  The cross potent is found in one of the early versions of the arms of Jerusalem, temp. Edward I [ANA2 313], and as a charge in its own right in the arms of Fox, 1413 [DBA3 153].

Konrad of Calanais Nuadh bears:  Checky vert and argent, a cross potent sable.

Lukas Weber bears:  Quarterly sable and purpure, in sinister chief a cross potent argent.

Ghislaine d’Auxerre bears as a badge:  A cross potent Or.

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