Cross: Maltese

Maltese cross (Period)

Maltese cross (Period)

The “Maltese cross” is the modern name for the badge of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, later called the Knights of Malta.  Originally, it was referred to as a “cross of eight points”, with each point said to represent one of the Beatitudes [Franklyn 118].  Though the Order was founded in 1113, this badge was not used in members’ armory until the 18th Century [Volborth 199, 211].  The Maltese cross was used as part of the full achievement, as for the arms of Pope Clement VII, 1523 [Galbreath’s Papal Heraldry, p.89]; therefore, it’s permitted for use in Society armory.  The limbs should each be as wide as the space between them; they should converge to a central point, or very nearly.

Emeric Wendel bears:  Per pale argent and gules, a Maltese cross counterchanged.

Marcus Carunna bears:  Or, a Maltese cross purpure.

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