Cross: Crosslet

Cross crosslet (Period)

Cross crosslet (Period)

The “cross crosslet” is found as early as c.1280, in the arms of the Earls of Warwick [ANA2 408].  In medieval times, the cross crosslet (so blazoned) could be drawn either as shown, or in the form now termed the cross bottony; the two were considered equivalent emblazons, only artistically different.  They are so considered in Society heraldry as well.

A field semy of crosses crosslet may be termed “crusily” or “crusilly”.

William Bekwith bears:  Argent, in cross five crosses crosslet sable.

Thomas Langland bears:  Per pale argent and sable, a cross crosslet counterchanged.

Griffin Crosthwait bears:  Vert crusilly argent.


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