Cross: Calatrava

Cross of Calatrava (Period)

Cross of Calatrava (Period)

The “cross of Calatrava” is also called the “cross of Aviz”; it was the insignia of the Knights of Calatrava, an Iberian order founded in 1158 [Spada’s Onori e Glorie: Sovrano Militare Ordine, p.59].  It was originally a highly ornamental form of the cross flory.

The King of Calontir bears:  Purpure, a cross of Calatrava, in chief a crown within in bordure a laurel wreath Or.

Costança Daguiar bears:  Argent, a cross of Calatrava and a double tressure azure.

Aethelwine Aethelredson bears:  Paly of four sable and Or, a cross of Calatrava counterchanged.

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