Cornucopia (Period)

Cornucopia (Period)

A cornucopia is a goat’s horn or ram’s horn, with an abundance of fruits tumbling from its mouth.  It’s a symbol from Greek myth, and is also called a “horn of plenty”.  The cornucopia is a period heraldic charge, though rare, found in the arms of Cardinal Berdardus Divitius, c.1550 [BSB Cod.Icon 267:489].  Its default posture is upright, as in the illustration; in the Society, it’s also frequently shown “effluent”, the horn tipped fesswise and its contents spilling to dexter.  When “proper”, the horn is brown and the fruits of divers tinctures, according to their kind.

Yeke Delger bears:  Per bend sable and argent, a cornucopia Or effluent proper.

Roxanne Brewer of Bath bears:  Gules, a cornucopia effluent and in chief three cups Or.

Thyri skjaldmær bears as a badge:  Two cornucopiae in saltire Or.

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