Camelopard trippant (Period)

Camelopard trippant (Period)

The camelopard, or cameleopard, was the medieval name for the beast we call a “giraffe”.  It was considered a monster, a hybrid of a camel and a leopard.  The camelopard was the badge of Sir Henry Crispe, 1553 [Siddons II.2 85]; Bossewell [II.53] described the creature in 1572, though judging from his illustration, he was working from hearsay.

The creature was also called a “camelopardel” in medieval times; 18th Century writers considered the camelopardel a distinct creature, a camelopard with swept-back horns.  No such distinction was made in period, however; and no difference is granted in Society heraldry between them.

The camelopard seems to have neither a proper coloration nor a default posture; the illustration shows a camelopard trippant (i.e., passant).

Ingirídr Hikri Fridriksdottír bears:  Argent, a cameleopard statant purpure.

Camille Lyon bears:  Gules, a cameleopard rampant argent spotted sable.

Xanthippe Ouranina bears:  Vert, two camelopards salient reguardant, necks crossed in saltire Or pellety.

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