Rose bush (Period)

Rose bush (Period)

A bush is a low-growing plant, with many branches spreading close from the ground.  The most common form of bush in heraldry is the rose bush (as in the illustration), but other varieties are also found; they are depicted with exaggerated branches, flowers and leaves.  The bush is a period charge, found in the arms of von Roschach, 1413 [Conz.Const. clxxiii] and di Ancius, mid-15th C. [Triv 39].  For related charges, see tree.

Arianwen ferch Edenewen bears:  Sable, a rose bush eradicated Or.

Gareth Thorne bears:  Vert, a thornbush couped between four arrows conjoined as a mascle Or.

Colin Blackthorn bears:  Argent, a pall cotised between three blackthorn bushes eradicated sable.

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