Arming buckle (Period); round buckle (Period)

Arming buckle (Period); round buckle (Period)

A buckle is a clasp for use on straps, belts, &c.  It is one of the oldest of heraldic charges; in early blazons it is called a “fermail”, as in the canting arms of Malet, c.1275 [ANA2 223].  The buckle may be lozenge-shaped (in which form it is also called an “arming buckle”), round, square, or oval; the exact shape should be specified.  (The most common forms in mundane heraldry seem to be round or lozenge-shaped, as in the illustration.)  The position of the tongue is left to the artist.  For related charges, see brooch.

Medb Liath bears:  Azure, six round buckles Or.

Oswin de Kokerham bears:  Gules, three crosses fleury and on a chief indented Or two arming buckles sable.

Sláine ní Chiaráin bears:  Per pale vert and gules, two round buckles argent.

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