Boar passant (Period)

Boar passant (Period)

The boar is a porcine beast noted for its belligerence.  It may also be called a “sanglier” or, for the sake of a cant, a “grice”.  As an heraldic charge, the boar dates from the earliest heraldry, as in the arms of Whichcote, c.1295 [ANA2 103].

The boar is depicted with a double set of tusks and a razor-back of bristles (its “crining”) down its spine.  A “boar proper” is understood in the Society to be brown.  The boar doesn’t seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows a boar passant.

Margaret of Rochester bears:  Sable, three boars passant argent.

Otuell Gowe bears:  Per fess azure and vert, two boars passant counter-passant Or.

Richard of Salesberie bears:  Argent, three boars rampant sable.

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