Besom (Period)

Besom (Period)

A besom is a bundle of twigs, bound to the end of a staff, and used for brushing or sweeping.  It was the medieval precursor of the modern household broom, and is sometimes called a “birch-broom”; but it should never be blazoned simply as a “broom”, as that term is used in heraldry for the broom plant or planta genista.  The besom is a period charge, found in the arms of Brome, c.1500 [DBA2 315]; it has its straws to chief by default.  For related charges, see brush.

The Order of the Baronial Broom, of the Barony of Nordskogen, bears:  Azure, two besoms in saltire surmounted by another palewise inverted, all Or.

Líadan Winter bears:  Sable estencely argent, a besom bendwise sinister inverted within a bordure Or.

Angharad ferch Moriddig Hir bears:  Or, a besom sable and two flaunches azure gouty d’eau.

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