Bear sejant erect (Period)

Bear sejant erect (Period)

The bear is a large and rather ponderous beast, whose medieval reputation is mostly one of greediness.  It appears in armory as early as 1280, in the canting arms (Latin ursus) of Urs [ANA2 56].

Bears may be drawn muzzled in mundane armory, even when not specifically blazoned so.  Society armory also allows the “polar bear”, with a longer neck and wedge-shaped body; no difference is granted for this, and indeed, the distinction is frequently left unblazoned.

There doesn’t seem to be a default posture for bears; the illustration shows a bear sejant erect.

Morven of Carrick bears:  Checky gules and Or, a bear statant erect sable.

Sigismund Greussen bears:  Gules, a bear rampant ermine.

Hannah bat Aharon bears:  Or, in pale three bears passant gules.

Alan Silverbear bears:  Sable, in base a polar bear statant argent.

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