Barrel (Period)

Barrel (Period)

A barrel is a cylindrical wooden vessel, often for liquids, made of staves held together with hoops; it’s also known as a “cask” or “tun”, or (in one 16th Century grant) a “kilderkin”.  In some Society examples it may be blazoned a “keg”, particularly if it has a spigot inserted.  The barrel is a period charge, found in the arms of the Worshipful Company of Vintners, 1447 [Bromley & Child 253].

The barrel is fesswise by default; its “proper” tincture is brown.  For related charges, see tub.

Ingvarr olfúss bears:  Gules, three barrels Or.

Brandy of Mirkwood bears:  Per pale undy ermine and gules, in pale three casks azure hooped Or.

Timothy Okenbarrel bears:  Argent, a pall inverted gules between three barrels proper.

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