Badger (Period)

Badger (Period)

The badger is a carnivorous burrowing beast with a reputation for tenacity.  It is also called a “brock”, “bauson”, or “grey”, especially for canting purposes:  e.g., the arms of Brokhole, temp. Henry IV [DBA2 293], or the badge of Lord Grey of Codnor, 1392 [Hope2 183].  The badger has no “proper” tincture, or rather, its proper tincture is too ill-defined to be registerable; but it’s most frequently drawn with distinctive facial markings, as in nature, to aid identification.  The badger is statant by default.

Nachum Avram ben Benjamin ben Meir bears:  Azure, a brock passant argent, incensed proper.

Roesia de Grey bears:  Vert, a badger rampant Or maintaining a rose argent, barbed, slipped and leaved sable.

Stiamna Gruamda bears:  Or, in pale two badgers sable.

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