Axe-head (Period)

Axe-head (Period)

An axe-head is the metal portion of the axe that is fitted onto the wooden haft.  It is occasionally found as a separate charge in its own right, as in the arms of Whit or White, 15th C. [DBA1 13], or the late-period depiction of the arms of von Franckenstein [Siebmacher 123].  The default form is of a single-bitted axe, edge to dexter; if another type of axe-head is intended, it should be specified.  For related charges, see fer-a-loup.

Eric Ragnarsson bears:  Counter-ermine, a double-bitted axehead within a bordure argent.

Günther Wolfferum bears:  Quarterly sable and argent, in bend two axe-heads bendwise gules.

Roland le Taillefer bears:  Argent, an axe-head azure.

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