Athanor with a retort atop it (Acceptable)

Athanor with a retort atop it (Accepted)

An athanor is a high-temperature furnace, specifically designed to heat alchemical vessels at constant temperatures for long periods.  It is therefore frequently shown with a flask (such as a retort) atop it, which fact is always blazoned.  (Without the flask, the athanor is indistinguishable from a tower.)

Though a period artifact, we have no examples of the athanor in period heraldry; the illustration is from a 1545 translation of the writings of Geber [Singer 739].  For related charges, see oven.

The Order of the Athanor, of Meridies, bears:  A retort atop an athanor argent.

Luu Naran bears:  Sable, a retort atop an athanor, in sinister chief a cross moline, a bordure Or.

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