Antelope rampant (Period)

Antelope rampant (Period)

The antelope is an heraldic monster with a body like a deer’s, but with tusks, a lion’s tail, and serrated horns.  The creature was described in medieval bestiaries as remarkably fast and fierce, capable of cutting down trees with its horns.  The antelope was one of the Royal badges of Henry IV, d.1413 [Dennys 147; HB 109].

The unmodified term “antelope” refers to the heraldic monster; if the natural beast of the deer family is intended, it must be blazoned as a “natural antelope”.

The antelope does not seem to have a default posture; the illustration shows an antelope rampant.  For related charges, see bagwyn, ibex, yale.

Steven Shirebourne bears:  Pean, three antelopes rampant argent.

Athena Catarina of Windcrest bears:  Azure, an antelope rampant argent.

Shoshona bat Malachi bears:  Argent, two cypress trees couped vert and a natural antelope statant sable.

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