An Abacus

Oriental abacus (SFPP)

An abacus is a device for counting and calculating, consisting of rows of sliding beads. While similar apparati may have been used in Roman times, they’d fallen out of use by the Middle Ages, replaced by the counting table; thus no examples of the abacus have been found in period armory. The abacus used in Society armory is the Oriental version, called suan pan by the Chinese, soroban by the Japanese; it is explicitly blazoned as an “Oriental abacus”. As a non-European artifact, its use is considered a step from period practice.

The abacus is fesswise by Society default.

Walter Faversham bears: Per chevron embattled argent and vert, two wooden Oriental abacuses proper and a thunderbolt Or.

Reinhardt Breitenbach bears: Per pale gules and Or, an Oriental abacus counterchanged.

Carwyn O’Hirwen bears: Per pall Or ermined azure, sable and vert, an Oriental abacus argent.

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