Garb (Period)

Garb (Period)

A garb is a bundle of grain, bound about the middle; the grain is wheat, unless specified otherwise.  Garbs are ancient charges, dating from 1244 in the arms of the Earls of Chester [Asp2 219].

In period blazon, the term “sheaf” is considered synonymous with “garb”; in particular, the term “oatsheaf” was used to refer to a garb of oats.  However, for charges other than grain, the term “sheaf” refers to a specific arrangement of charges (see sheaf); some Society armories have an explicit number of grain stalks (e.g., five) in this arrangement, and blazoned as a “sheaf”, despite the chance of confusion.

Teresa la Marchant bears:  Per pale sable and Or, a garb counterchanged.

Njall of Fur bears:  Argent, three garbs azure.

Medb ingen Muiredaich bears:  Vert, three garbs argent.

Otuell Gowe bears as a badge:  In pale an oatsheaf issuing from an open well Or.

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